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Smarter cleaning for a smarter home

We’ve been hard at work to bring added smart home support for Neato intelligent robot vacuums. While the D3 robot vacuums and newer already supported integrations with Amazon, Chatbot on Messenger, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and Wear OS by Google, over the past few months we’ve added other ways to work with your favorite smart devices.

Although we’ve designed the existing integrations and the Neato app to work as easy as possible for you; with scheduled cleanings, the ability to start cleaning when you leave the home, and more, we know that sometimes you need a little more control and a lot more help. That’s why we have added compatibility with Siri Shortcuts and Apple HomePod, and improved the Google Assistant integration with Google Direct Actions.

To set up Siri Shortcuts, just add the Neato app as an action and create a phrase for the shortcut. You can run the shortcut directly from the shortcut app, or by using Siri on an iOS device, watch, or Homepod. With Siri Shortcuts, you can tell Neato to start or pause cleaning, dock, or clean a zone.

The new integration with Google Direct Actions makes commanding your Neato with Google easier. Instead of saying “Hey Google, ask Neato to clean,” you can simply say, “Hey Google, start cleaning.” Expecting company? Use this integration to ask Google to start cleaning the living room, while you’re cooking in the kitchen. The new integration also includes zone cleaning, along with previous commands such as start or pause cleaning, dock/go back to base, and find the vacuum.

Neato robots are also compatible with Amazon Alexa*. You can find the Neato skill on the Smart Home Skills menu item in the Alexa companion app, or search for it in the Skills menu. Connecting your Neato robot with Alexa allows you to start and pause cleaning, find the vacuum, and check the battery level.

Don’t forget to update your Neato app to get the latest commands available. Check out our support pages for more information on how to set up your connections.

*Neato integration with Amazon Alexa is available in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, UK, and the US.

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