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Give your Mom the gift of time (and cleanliness!) this Mother’s Day

The Neato D5 is the best robot vacuum cleaner for your mom

The Neato D5 is your Mom’s perfect new gadget this Mother’s Day. Smart, connected, efficient, this robot vacuum will give your entire home a precise and powerful clean.

Make up for those messy childhood years by giving your Mom one less thing to worry about, meaning she can take time for herself this Mother’s Day. Neato Botvac not only uses a laser to scan and map your home and floors to detect any objects, but it also sends you a full coverage map, showing you exactly where it’s cleaned.

Its sleek D-shape design allows it to get right into the nooks and crannies, and your tech-savvy mom can even schedule her Botvac D5 Connected to clean while she’s out of the house by using the Neato app. Mom can relax knowing full well the floors will be spotless when she gets home.

Neato robot vacuum sale detail

We’re giving you the chance to get a Neato D5 at $100 off this Mother’s Day.

The Neato D5 gives your home an efficient and powerful clean. This robot vacuum is great for all homes, especially for families and those with pets, and can pick up crumbs, dirt, and dust efficiently.

Neato’s distinctive D-shape means the Neato D5 can get deep into corners and close to walls where more dirt and dust can hide. Neato also has one of the largest brushes and dirt bins on the market, meaning our robot vacuum can cover more square footage and pick up more debris than other robot vacuums.

Neato’s exclusive LaserSmart™ technology enables the Neato D5 to navigate with precision and care, also meaning it can clean in the dark. With the Neato app, you can schedule your robot vacuum to clean when you want it too. You can also view a summary of your robot vacuum’s cleaning history and view a coverage map of where your Neato robot has cleaned. Neato robot vacuums can also be controlled with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Neato Chatbot for Facebook, or IFTTT.

You can find the Neato D5 at AmazonBest BuyWalmart, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

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