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Les raccourcis Siri arrivent bientôt chez les robots Neato

This morning we announced that Neato will be the first robotic vacuum to add support for Siri Shortcuts to all Neato robot vacuums from the D3 and up. With Siri Shortcuts, Neato owners will get even more ways to personalize and control their cleaning experience. Siri Shortcuts will make it easier and more convenient to access and control Neato with Siri across Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, HomePod, Apple Watch, and AirPods.

Available this fall, Neato owners can use voice commands for Neato to clean designated zones and recognize custom No-Go Lines, and with powerful on-device intelligence, Siri will learn user routines and provide suggestions at just the right time.

We will support the creation of user-generated voice commands for four different actions:

  1. Start cleaning
  2. Pause cleaning
  3. Dock / Go to base
  4. Zone cleaning

As leaders in the industry and pioneers of the acclaimed D-shaped robot vacuum, we continue to drive this kind of innovation, adding to the features and capabilities our customers love, like Laser guided mapping and navigation, Zone Cleaning, Quick Boost Charging and No-Go Lines, all with an eye on making every Neato owner’s experience as intuitive and helpful as possible.

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