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Cleaning up after pets this National Pet Month

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May is National Pet Month which gives pet owners even more reason to spoil their furry friends with their favorite treats, toys, and activities. Making your pet a special meal or taking them on an extra-long walk to their favorite park are perfect ways to show your pet some extra love this month.

While spoiling your pet never gets old, the messes that come with it do. Pet parents face unique challenges when it comes to keeping their homes clean as they face immeasurable amounts of pet hair and dirty paw prints daily. These messes are inevitable when you have a pet in the house, but with the help of  Neato D6, you can spend less time worrying about the mess and more time with your favorite furry companions. Now, for a limited time, you can get a Neato D6 for just $399 – because pet parents deserve a little spoiling too.

The Neato D6 includes these pet-approved cleaning features:

  • Bigger brushes, better filters – We’ve learned a few new tricks. With a spiral combo brush that is 70% bigger than those round robots and an ultra-performance filter to capture more dirt, the Neato D6 is prepared to take on even the furriest of friends.
  • D-shape design – With its unique D-shape design, the Neato D6 finds that pesky pet hair wherever it hides— especially in corners and along walls.
  • No-go lines – Be as messy as you want to be. Virtual No-Go Lines tell your robot vacuum where not to go, so it avoids things like pet bowls and piles of toys.
  • Scheduled cleanings – If you have a shedder, you probably want to vacuum more often. Don’t have the time to vacuum every day? Use the Neato app to schedule cleanings so your floors are clean when you come home from the groomer and a long walk to the park.

While pets can be messy at times, the undeniable loyalty, companionship, and joy that they bring to you and your family will far surpass the negatives. With the right tools and tricks, you can celebrate your pet during National Pet Month and all year long – without the mess.

Neato robot vacuum sale details

From May 20th (10 PM PST) to May 27th (10 PM PST), you can purchase the Neato D6 at Best Buy for just $399 – that’s $330 off from its original price.

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