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How to Connect your Neato to Wi-Fi


The information in this article applies to the following:

  • Neato D3
  • Neato D4
  • Neato D5
  • Neato D6
  • Neato D7



Before you can begin using all the advanced functions of your Neato Botvac Connected series robot you'll need to connect to your Wi-Fi Network. First thing to do is install the Neato App to your smartphone or tablet. Please visit your devices app store to download the latest version.

When installation completes, launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions. You will be prompted to create a Neato account and verify your account details via e-mail.

 After your account is verified it's time to connect your Neato.




NOTE: When first powered on, the robot will automatically enter pairing mode. You will hear a musical chime and the INFO LED (Or Wi-Fi for the D7) will slowly blink blue, indicating it is ready to pair.


LED Color What it Means
  Slow Blinking Blue   Robot is in Pairing Mode
  Fast Blinking Blue   Pairing to Neato app/account
  Solid Blue   Pairing successful (shows for 5 seconds)
  Solid Red   Pairing unsuccessful (shows for 5 seconds)


Connection Process (step by step)

  • Press and hold the "Right Bumper" and "Start Button" simultaneously for until all the lights turn off.


  • Press the Start button once more to turn the robot back on. When the Neato is ready you will hear a musical chime from the robot and the INFO LED (Or Wi-Fi Icon for the D7) should start slowly blinking blue. The robot is now in pairing mode, and will remain in the pairing mode for 60 minutes.


  • Go through the pairing process. Using the Neato iOS or Android app, select ‘Add a New Robot’ and follow the steps provided.   

    • Choose your Robot and follow the on-screen instructions.

1.png 2.png


    • The next step entails connecting your phone to the robots temporary access point. On android simply tap "Connect to robot access point".
    • If you are using an IOS device, you will be instructed to connect to the WiFi network called Neato that will appear in you list of available networks in your WiFi settings.

3.png 4.png


    • After you pair to the access point, you will need to tell the robot which Wi-Fi network you want it to connect to and enter your Wi-Fi password. 

5.png 6.png


    • Once you successfully enter your username and password you will see the robot attempt to complete the connection process.




After you get get 4 green check marks, press OK and you will be taken to the app home screen. Now you are ready to: 



Can’t connect?

Tried these steps and having issues connecting your Neato Robot to Wi-Fi or keeping it connected? Please see our article for WiFi Troubleshooting

Or contact customer support, and please consider running a network scan prior to creating a support ticket.  How to Run a Home Network Scan.



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