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Neato’s Tips for Celebrating Summer

When you hear the word “summer,” what comes to mind? You might envision sunshine, days at the beach, travel and vacations, and more. It is also a time for celebration with loved ones; in fact, the summer has been nicknamed “wedding season” because it has become the most popular time for people to get married.

This summer, things may differ in how we gather. Here are some ways we’re keeping summer celebrations going with family and friends, in person or in spirit.

  • Making New Traditions: By now, you have probably had calls with family or hung out with friends on video. You have maybe even had a happy hour or game night or two. These days, video has become even more deeply ingrained in our everyday lives. While some people have rescheduled planned gatherings like weddings, others have embraced video as the new normal, adapting their celebrations while getting creative and crafty to help set the decor and tone. We are building new traditions that are bringing us all together—find out what works for you.
  • Giving Gifts: One tradition that is here to stay and helping us stay connected more than ever is gift-giving. From sharing family recipes and dropping off treats to neighbors and friends to gifting a loved one household necessities, people are keeping the spirit of generosity alive and well. As weddings, showers, and other celebrations have had to adapt, a thoughtful gift is a special way of showing you care. Intelligent robot vacuums, like the Neato D7, are a great gift or addition to any registry as household cleanliness remains a top priority.
  • Grilling is the New Baking: As we have been spending time at home, baking has exploded in popularity and, with it, people learning to bake together. With the warm summer weather and newly available summer produce, it’s a great time to improve your grilling skills. Better yet, you probably know a self-proclaimed “grill master” or two that would be willing to teach you some tricks. And for the devoted baker, there are many “bake on the grill” recipes to try.
  • Finding New Ways to Connect: Like many others, you may be searching for different ways to stay connected with the people in your life and to connect with yourself. With a willingness to try something new, there is no shortage of ideas out there for people with different interests and all skill levels. From learning a new language to rekindling a past passion, the keyword is “try.” When you attempt or learn something new, you might discover something that enriches your life. Think of something you have always wanted to try and see where that adventure takes you.

This summer, change is the new normal. We hope you have found some inspiration for happiness in that change—now that is a reason to celebrate!

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