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Spring cleaning just got a lot easier

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$230 off on the Neato D4 this week

Spring is in full swing which means the temperature is rising, the flowers are blooming, and spring cleaning is beginning! Enjoy this season even more by spending time outdoors with family and friends, and don’t worry about bringing a little dirt back inside with you—the Neato D4 has you covered. For a limited time, get the Neato D4 for only $299!

Whether you are absolutely giddy to take a deep dive into cleaning your home or totally lost and don’t know where to begin, Neato robot vacuums are here to make the process as painless as possible. A Neato completely changes the way you approach cleaning. These 5 easy tips will take the hassle out of cleaning your floors this spring and keep them clean all year long.

Tip #1: Keep pet hair at bay.
We love our pets – but they shed, carry allergens in their fur, and track in dirt and debris from outside, especially as the weather warms up and the outside comes inside! With an extra-large brush and a high-performance filter, the Neato D4 captures dust and allergens too tiny to see. All Neato robots are laser-guided. That means they use our proprietary LaserSmart™ technology to scan, map and navigate your entire house, leaving nothing but clean lines behind. So let pets be pets.

Tip #2: Make sure every corner of your home is covered.
With a unique D-shape design and big main brush, Neato finds dust, dirt and pet hair where it hides—in the corners and along walls. To be sure you have every spot covered, look on the Neato app to see exactly where your robot worked its magic.

Tip #3: Keep up with the changing seasons. Up the cleaning during these irritating months.
With spring in full bloom, allergens enter our homes constantly. Schedule regular cleanings with your Neato robot vacuum. The high-performance filter traps the smallest dust mites and allergens meaning you’ll walk into a clean home every day without having to lift a finger.

Tip #4: Know where to go and where not to go.
We think a great robot should work around your life. With virtual No-Go lines, leave your stuff where it is and tell your robot where not to go. That way it won’t get stuck. Whether it’s a cluttered room or a place for pet bowls, just use the Neato app to block off those areas.

Tip #5: Enjoy Your Space.
It is more enjoyable to clean when you really take the time and enjoy the end result. Sit back and relax while you revel in your new zen’d out space. Embrace this feeling – it’ll help power you and give you the energy to clean the next time around. Also, get a kick out of watching your Neato journey back to its base for its very own post-clean relaxation and recharge.

Neato Robot Vacuum Sale Details

We’re giving you the chance to get a Neato D4 at just $299, just in time for Spring Cleaning!

Everyone deserves this intelligent robot, which brings cutting edge features from our flagship robot and makes them available to all. It starts with LaserSmart™ technology. The robot uses lasers to navigate and create a detailed map of your home to ensure your robot covers every inch. There’s the D-shape design, which gets into corners that round robots can’t. And virtual No-Go lines mean you can tell your robot where not to go, never having to worry about running into pet bowls or a pile of toys. The Neato D4. Plenty of smart to go around.

From April 20, 2019 (10 PM PST) to April 27, 2019 (10 PM PST), you can purchase the Neato D4 at Best Buy for just $299 –$230 off from its original price.

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